need a reference photo...

...but not a human one. >_< If any of you happen to have a photo of a rabbit jumping/running TOWARD the camera, please share! One panel of my comic is going to look really stupid until I figure out what a hopping rabbit looks like from that angle.

(Yes, I googled the crap out of it, and there are a dearth of jumping rabbits, but most of them are gettin' outta Dodge City.)
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Stage lighting reference?

Does anyone have photo reference of stage lighting on people that I could look at? Especially the sort of lighting setup where you have one color coming in from one side, and another color coming in from the other? The context is that I am eventually going to have to get around to coloring this fanart, and I have been avoiding it because I haven't really come to terms with stage lighting in a way that satisfies me yet. Obviously I won't be doing anything with the pictures other than staring hard at the lighting. Thanks!

(I asked if this was all right even though it wasn't really pose reference, and dreamburnt gave the OK.)

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Hey everyone!

I'd like to request a pose from a woman. You know when you're sitting on a ledge, one leg hanging over, the other folded up so that your knee is pointing straight up? If someone could do that pose, arms wrapped around the folded leg, dangling-leg foot bare and pointed downward, I would really really appreciate it. Double points if you have long curly black hair.

Facial expression... something pensive, that staring-into-the-distance expression that indicates that you're not really there.

It won't be photo manipulated, and neither it nor the final product will be used commercially.

Thanks a lot :)
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hand photo reference link

hello impostures. [/charlie angels]
for my first post, i offer up one of my favorite reference bookmarks--in all honesty, i should use it more often.

hand studies for drawing reference courtesy of thomas f. abrahamsson and elfwood farp.

[note: the site states that these are for artwork reference only. republishing, photo manips or simply recreating in other media is not permitted.]
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