Life drawing on a low budget

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This community was pussinboots's* idea: How many of us artists are struggling with a pose that just refuses to be drawn? You can't get the right perspective in the mirror? Can't shanghai your friends and family into modelling for you?

impostures was created to remedy this disturbing** problem. Post your pose request here, and someone with a digicam and a patient friend or two will try to get you your reference material.

(1) Do not ask for nude pictures. Do not ask for pictures of h4rdk0r3 acktshun, or poses insinuating such. This is not because I hate porn or expect everything here to be 100% child-safe; it's because I have no way of knowing if a poster is underage.
(2) Requests for facial expressions are okay, too--just try to keep it interesting. You can find plenty of people smiling at the camera in any newspaper or magazine.
(3) This is not a post-your-picture or rating community. Don't make a bunch of pouty faces at your webcam and ask for comments. This is a no-no.
(4) Be nice to anyone posts their pictures here--no personal attacks, nasty comments, or generally asshattish behavior will be tolerated. You knew this already, right?
(5) As of right this second, the main focus of the community is for those who need a reference for their art--if your art is photo-manipulation, please mention this in your post, and don't manip anyone's photos without their permission.

How to post
(1) Decribe the sort of reference photos you need; try to be as clear as possible. If you need reference for a picture in progress, feel free to post your sketch (lj-cut, please).
(2) Give us a good idea of what you're going to do with the photos. If you're doing a photo-manipulation, say so. If you intend to make prints of your finished work, or otherwise use it commercially, say that too. It'd also be nice if you said how closely you plan to follow your ref: are you going to draw the person, or just base parts of your picture on their pose? Oh, and if your picture is going to be smutty or bloody or otherwise fun, mention that as well.
(3) If you want to post your finished picture, edit your original post, or add it in a comment.

(* But pussinboots is a lazy, indolent bastard who will be spending the rest of the year and then some in Sweden, so you get the equally-lazy but significantly less funny dreamburnt instead. Sorry, guys. You can show your appreciation to pussinboots by posting lots of Thundercats slash in its art galleries.)

(** Disturbing to the artistically-frustrated, at least.)